Motherhood: The world's greatest task

I initially had another article planned but learning that today was another mothers day, I wanted to share my thoughts…

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As I was scrolling through my social media feed yesterday, I came across a post that resonated with me. It read, “Premenstrual cramps, premenstrual depression, premenstrual headache, premenstrual pimples, all because my body is trying to shed an egg I can’t even fry”. I found the latter part a bit funny, but it reminded me of the struggles that women face due to their unique biological makeup.

And yet, when a woman goes on to have a child, she willingly embarks on a journey that is both beautiful and challenging. The physical and emotional tolls of pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding are undeniable, still, mothers do it all with unconditional love and dedication for years non-stop.

The beauty of motherhood is beyond the selfless sacrifice that mothers make for their children, but also in the joy of watching them grow and thrive. A mother’s love is a bond like no other, watching your little angel turn into a fine amazing man or a beautiful virtuous woman.

A great part of motherhood I believe in recent times has been downplayed is the fact that mothers play a crucial role in shaping the future of society. A mother’s influence on her child’s values, beliefs, and character cannot be overstated, and the impact of raising a child who is kind, empathetic, and resilient can have ripple effects that last for generations. I’m still in my early phase but I am living proof.

As someone who deeply respects and admires the strength and resilience of women, I believe that motherhood truly is a virtuous and noble pursuit. So please don’t listen to lies online. By embracing their power and embracing their role as mothers, women have the opportunity to make a profound difference in the world. And when we have more amazing mothers raising amazing children, we create a better future for all of us.

P.S – I don’t know how many days a year is for mothers day, but they surely deserve all the days. Special love to my amazing superhero mom.

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