Passion is a Luxury

I’m not really sure about how I came up with this concept, nor have I fully thought it out, but here’s what I know and I’m sure about, you can’t discover your passion by just “trying to find it”. Do meaningful work Instead of constantly searching for your passion.

To make things easy, I asked chatGPT  “what is passion in simple terms“ and here’s the response I got… 

This sounds like luxury honestly but notice it says “doing“ or “learning about“, this tells you it is a continuous process and you even need to have done it before or learnt about it before. (“It” being your passion, sorry)

People think you’re born with your passion, or you just find it but I disagree. You discover your passion as you move on in life. For some, they discover their passion earlier than others and that’s okay. Everyone has different journeys and timelines for their passion. But this journey requires time, research, patience, and strategy at whatever point you find yourself.

As someone who has discovered many things I’m passionate about which has also changed wildly over time, I can share with you 4 practical, non-generic tips on discovering your passion.

  1. You can’t figure out your passion without doing different things: If you already discovered your passion, this may not be for you but If you’re still on this journey then you need to understand that you need to explore. Try new things, take an online course, go learn swimming, meet people, and watch Youtube on things that interest you or that you’re curious about.
    Although you can be interested, deeply interested even, you can’t be passionate about something you haven’t done.
    So go out, do, and take opportunities that come along the way.

  2. Further your knowledge in this newfound interest or skill: Remember you either enjoy doing it or enjoy learning about it before it can be called passion. You need to spend time with this baby, nurture it and take care of it.

  3. Get a job or an internship: You may be out of ideas for activities to try, so get an internship or a job instead, dedicate yourself to a company you’re interested in for 3-6 months or a year and put in your best. Show up every day, execute, learn like crazy and ask questions. Why is this done this way, can this be done differently, how this, what that…
    I promise you meaningful work is more important than just “passion”. You’ll probably discover your passion this way, or you’d be a step closer to it.

  4. Don’t be too relaxed: Your passion would most likely change over time, not completely but as you work on this newfound interest/skill, you’ll start to see more things and the dots would keep connecting. Or would you say just because you’ve discovered this magical thing called passion it’s time to sleep? No, THIS IS WHERE THE REAL WORK BEGINS.

Passion work is hard work. You’ll need to be very dedicated and sacrifice a lot of things while on this journey. That’s the price you pay for the luxury of passion.

Everyone wants to find their passions but you have it and now you have a luxury (a highly desirable good, feeling or experience).

Half asleep as I write this, but I’ve procrastinated way too long to publish my first blog post on this website. 11:30 pm Phew.

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